Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are potty trained!

After a long and grueling process, Gehrig is finally fully potty trained! We've made numerous trips out in underwear (yesterday we were in the car for about an hour), and he has stayed dry! Woo-hoo! I know he'll still have accidents, but he really surprises me how long he can hold it. He's just like his mommy, he doesn't like to use public bathrooms so he'd rather just hold it until he gets home. :)
He has been wearing pull-ups to church, but we just ran out and as I was at the store debating which brand to spend $10 on, I realized, he doesn't need them. So tonight will be his first time going to church in underwear, but I'm sure he'll do an awesome job.
So, what have I learned from potty training?

1. You can't dilly-dally about it, you have to just do it.

2. Pull-ups are truly a waste of money--I just bought them for church, but he knew he could pee in them. They were just like diapers to him. He wore underwear at home and did much better.

3. You can't force it--if they're not ready, it won't work.

4. Pee and poop happen. If you'd told me how many things in my house would get peed on before we started potty training, I would have freaked.

5. You feel like a pretty great parent when you see your little two-year-old running around the playground with the waistband of his Diego underwear peeking out just a little above his shorts.

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  1. Very true! I completely agree about the pull-ups. I have never used them and never will. In my opinion they are no different than diapers, just cost more for fewer pull-ups than diapers, and kids know they can go in them and they will work just like diaper. I have trained both Liam and Leila in less than one week and am convinced of two things being the main contributors to our success:
    1. I did not try to train too early. Every kid is different. Just because one child can be trained at 16 months doesn't mean all can. (I don't even think about it until close to 24 months.)

    2. I go cold turkey (yes, even underwear at night!). It is a little more work for me at first (a.k.a. more laundry and cleaning), but it is SO worth it!

    Good job for Gehrig! Isn't it great to have a trained kid and no more diapering two kids!? I love it! And I love the little underwear! So cute!