the family

Mike [the daddy] is an awesome husband and father. It seems like he works all the time to provide for the family. When he's home, he's constantly playing with Gehrig or talking to Logan (he gets more smiles out of Logan than anyone!). He loves to read and will stay up all night if he's interested in a book. He also loves to just drive nowhere in particular (although that has gotten tough since a certain little Logan screams when he's in his carseat). He has relentlessly pursued his dream job and has not settled for anything else no matter how hard the job gets. Liz is very proud of him.

Liz [the mommy] is currently a stay-at-home-mom. She has a bachelor's degree in Commercial Writing and a master's degree in English Education, and up until December of 2009, she worked at a Sylvan Learning Center. She's loving being able to stay at home now, and her dream job is to write books or proof read from home. However since she's planning on having at least three more kids and probably homeschooling them, she doubts she'll have time for a job anytime soon. She grew up in Singapore and sometimes still feels out of place in America. She loves finding ways to save money--she feels that's part of her job description in Proverbs 31. She loves being mommy to her two boys even though it's a lot harder than she expected!

Gehrig [the oldest son] is two years old and a genius. He loves to watch TV (a little too much) and "play in his room." He is a complete Daddy's boy and has to be by Daddy's side whenever he's not at work. He loves sports of any kind and is looking forward to next year when he'll hopefully be old enough to play T-ball and soccer. He's named after Lou Gehrig, Liz's favorite baseball player.

Logan [the younger son] started out as quite the stinker. It seemed like he screamed all the time--a rude awakening for Liz after Gehrig who never cried. However it seemed like overnight he decided to be a good baby and is now a little angel (for the most part). He tends to be Mommy's boy, but he grins every time he sees Daddy. He is a breastfed, cloth diapered, frequently worn baby. And he's been sleeping through the night since he was seven weeks old--this family likes their sleep. :)