Friday, September 10, 2010

Gehrig snippets v.2

I try to get Gehrig out of the house to a playground or somewhere he can run around as often as possible. He loves trying to play with the big kids, but mostly they just ignore him (which makes mommy very sad). However the past two days we've gone to the mall playground, older kids have included him in their games. It's funny to watch because, since he's the same size as them, they expect him to understand how to play hide-and-seek or tag. His version of hide-and-seek, however, was to cover his eyes for a couple seconds then run and hug the little girl he was playing with. And his version of tag is to push the nearest person and yell, "TAG!" The poor kids get frustrated, but I find it quite amusing. :)

Today we drove past a car lot that had balloons tied to every car. Gehrig loves balloons and immediately started listing the colors of balloons he saw ("I see green balloon, red balloon, green balloon, lellow balloon..."). Then he got really excited and yelled, "I can have those balloons! I can hub 'em! And Queeze 'em!" Seriously, I have no idea where he gets this stuff from!

Every night since he was tiny, I've sung "Jesus Loves Me" to him before he goes to bed (Mike sings along when he's home). The past two nights, Gehrig has held an imaginary microphone to my mouth as I sing. Not sure where that came from either.

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