Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yard Sale Finds and Bathtime

My family has always been crazy about yard sales and thrift stores. I remember when we were on furlough in America when I was a teenager, we would wake up at 6:00 to go out "yard sale-ing." I loved to go to yard sales, but I didn't like waking up that early or waiting to eat or go to the bathroom until we were sure we'd hit every yard sale there was. I'm not quite as die-hard as my mom or my aunt, but I do love to get up at a reasonable hour on Saturday and see if I can find any good ones.
I refuse to pay full price for kid's clothes. It's ridiculous. I generally don't pay more than $1 for any piece of Gehrig's or Logan's clothing (except diapers, of course *grin*). I know we save tons of money by buying their clothes used. Gehrig needs some fall clothes, and I've been hoping to find a good deal on some, and today I finally found a yard sale with 4T fall clothes. Here's some of what I got:

I was super happy to find the Gap sweatshirt with 32 (my very favorite number) on it! There's also a Children's Place shirt, an Old Navy shirt, and a brand new Osh Kosh B'Gosh shirt. And I also got a pair of Old Navy jeans and two pairs of Carter's fleece pajamas. All for $7! I would have gotten more if I'd taken more than $10 with me.

Another of my finds was this awesome toy in perfect condition for $.75!

I haven't bought batteries for it yet, but Gehrig's had a blast all day, carrying it around and singing into the microphone. This was the kind of toy the rich kids had when I was little. :)

And now...bathtime. Logan has decided he loves baths (as opposed to screaming the entire time like he did up until a few weeks ago), and he's so cute splashing with his little feet. Unfortunately, as soon as I started recording this video, he got fascinated by the dishwashing liquid. And his little washcloth didn't keep him completely covered *blush*. This is my first time putting a video on here so I hope it works!

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