the language

I figured since Gehrig-speak is so cute and I'll constantly be adding to the list, I'd just make it a tab so it's more easily accessible. And if you don't understand one of his quotations, you can reference this page. :)

Elegator - elevator
Tart-pops - Poptarts (he calls them by their proper name now, and it makes me sad)
The Judsons - The Jetsons (he has a friend named Judson at church)
"I've got fire in my nose" - "I smell smoke"
Donkey-man - Buzz Lightyear (we finally figured out he was saying "star command." I think he finally gave up trying to explain to us and just agreed that he was saying "donkey-man.")
Dora Bora - Dora the Explorer
Cheese grilled samwich - Grilled cheese sandwich
The mall - anything with a playground
'Pecial gum - his special gun (a gift from his cousin Tobie)
"No way, sir!" - No way
"Ahoy ladies!" - "Ahoy maties"
Marshmellers - marshmallows
Dic-er-rous - ridiculous
Tokets - interchangeable for tokens or tickets
Cram-ra - camera
"E'erybody move!" - "Nobody move!" (when he's pointing his 'pecial gum at you)
Pooh and Tiggerette - Pooh and Piglet
the dream - the drain (in the bathtub--we've had extensive arguments about this one)
soaped - soaked
be-tending - pretending