Saturday, July 31, 2010

I have an idea

I'm not sure where Gehrig picked this phrase up, but he says it randomly and frequently. Today we were playing with his blocks and his little wooden "block train" (I'm not sure what else to call it--it's a train that has pegs that you can stack blocks on to make the different cars). Gehrig is very picky that the blue blocks go on the blue pegs, and the red ones go on the red pegs, but the last car has yellow pegs and there are only green blocks to go on it. He said, "Oh no, there's no green car." We've had this discussion many times, but he refuses to accept the fact that he's just going to have to put the green blocks on the yellow pegs. I was going to explain it yet again when he said, "I have an idea!" He began digging through his other blocks and pulling out green ones. "I build another car!" He declared.

On a different note, he's been very whiney lately when he wakes up from his nap (probably because he plays around in his bed for an hour and a half before he goes to sleep thus getting less than half of his normal nap), and he's been wanting lots of snuggles. It's very hard to tell him no, no matter what I'm doing, when he comes to me and says, "You wanna hold me, Mommy?"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A couple Gehrig tidbits

Since Logan was born, Gehrig's been obsessed with being a big boy and doing stuff "all by himself." He always says, "I did it all by myself!" The other day as I was sitting on the couch feeding Logan, Gehrig came running through the living room, slipped on the rug, and fell. He popped up and said, "I fell down all by myself, Mommy!"

I'm sure he has lots of friends at church, but the two I hear most about are Judson and Noah. I asked him what he had learned in church last Sunday. He thought for a minute and said, "Judson's boat." I said, "Judson's boat?" And he thought some more before saying, "Yes." He sat there thinking for another minute or so and said, "Judson...Noah..." "Oohh," I said, "Did you learn about Noah's boat?" His eyes lit up and he very decisively said, "Yes!"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some randomness

Life has been pretty insane for the past seven weeks or so as I've been getting used to being a mother of two, but things finally seem to be settling down. Gehrig and I have both learned to be a little flexible with our routine, and Logan (who apparently takes after his daddy and is not a schedule person) is starting to get into somewhat of a routine. He no longer has to be held all the time or rocked to sleep--he's been doing pretty good at going to sleep in his bed. And he's been sleeping at least six hour stretches at night with only one feeding and then straight back to bed. I credit this to Babywise, of course!

They're also really easy to take out by myself too. Logan loves to sleep in his carrier or sling, and Gehrig is very obedient and holds my hand the whole time. I'm thankful for my good little boys!

Yesterday we had a pretty big storm here, and although Gehrig's never been scared of storms before, I was kinda worried the amazingly loud thunder might scare him this time. I didn't need to worry--as thunder shook the house, Gehrig was happily running around the living room, yelling, "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" He did get a little frightened when the power went out, but then he enjoyed just sitting on the couch with me and watching the rain through our wonderful picture window. He obviously inherited his mommy's patience, though, because he kept saying, "We'll NEVER watch TV, Mommy!"

And Logan, my stinker-turned-angel, slept through the whole thing.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Will I really keep it up?

Well, the plan is to keep this blog updated with stuff going on in the boys lives. Gehrig is 27 months now and into so much stuff, I really should keep a record. Logan is six weeks and smiling occasionally, but that's pretty much it for now (besides being a stinker) so for a little while Gehrig will probably be the dominant character.

Having two kids is quite the adjustment (more so than I had expected), and it seems like Mike and I never get time for just the two of us. Yesterday I had the boys all ready for church, and Logan was strapped into his carseat in the living room when Mike and I happened to cross paths in the kitchen and paused for a hug. I heard Gehrig talking to Logan in the living room and thought I should probably check on them. Good thing I did. Gehrig had Logan's carseat flipped all the way back so Logan was completely upside down. He was messing with the straps on the bottom of the seat and saying, "I fix your seat for you, Logan." *sigh* I guess I probably shouldn't have let him see me adjusting the straps to fit our giant baby.