Saturday, October 23, 2010

Right Now...

I'm feeling guilty for not updating my blog in forever.

I'm enjoying the quiet fall morning before any of the boys wake up.

I'm wondering if I'll eat dairy today or if I'll stay strong for a few more days.

I'm so happy Logan is still exclusively breastfed even though I came so close to giving him cereal when he was so fussy this past week. (We're holding out for eight months of EBF!)

I'm hoping the boys behave for the Halloween party today.

I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans (woo-hoo!) and a tank top (over which will go a warmer shirt before I leave the house--also woo-hoo! for the cool weather).

I'm jealous of my friends who are pregnant but can't imagine adding another kid to the mix just yet.

I'm still trying to think of ways to raise money to go visit my awesome big brother.

I'm contemplating two memoir-type stories for Ordinarily Extraordinary.

I'm super excited that my mom and dad will be here two weeks from tomorrow! I have the most awesome mom and dad in the world!

I'm thinking about fall in Pensacola.

I could be yard sale-ing, but I'm too lazy.

My feet are cold.

I'm still wanting to be the fourth Charlie's Angel but realize now that it's never gonna happen.


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