Monday, October 4, 2010

Gehrig Snippets v.5

Gehrig can't hear me when I say "stop it" or "don't do that," but he hangs on every other word I say. He woke up at 6:30 this morning, and Logan woke up shortly after. I fed Logan, and then climbed back into our bed (Mike had fallen asleep on the couch, as usual) to snuggle and maybe get a little more sleep. I invited Gehrig to join us, and he proceeded to run back and forth from the bed to the living room bringing me various things. I'd left out all the sale papers from the Sunday paper, and he brought me the Dollar General one so I could "see what's on sale." He lay on the bed beside me, looking through the ad and naming things he saw, then he exclaimed, "Forty dow-ars?? That's 'dic-er-rus!" :)

And here's a bit of Gehrig-ese that I find cute:

Elegator - elevator
Tart-pops - Poptarts (he calls them by their proper name now, and it makes me sad)
The Judsons - The Jetsons (he has a friend named Judson at church)
"I've got fire in my nose" - "I smell smoke"
Donkey-man - Buzz Lightyear (we finally figured out he was saying "star command." I think he finally gave up trying to explain to us and just agreed that he was saying "donkey-man.")
Dora Bora - Dora the Explorer
Cheese grilled samwich - Grilled cheese sandwich
The mall - anything with a playground
'Pecial gum - his special gun (a gift from his cousin Tobie)
"No way, sir!" - No way
"Ahoy ladies!" - "Ahoy maties"
Marshmellers - marshmallows

I know there's more so I'll have to add another list when I think of them.


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  1. Following you back! Those are too funny. I can't wait for Sebastian to start talking. I think my favorite is Ahoy Ladies!