Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gehrig Snippets v.4

For some unknown reason (other than the fact that he's two and a boy), Gehrig threw his green binky (one of his favorites) into the trash yesterday. Now I am all about throwing away the binkies--we've cut binky use down to only naptime and bedtime and I've decided we're not buying anymore--but I wouldn't have just thrown away one of his favorites. He was quite upset when he realized he couldn't get it back out. He's asked for it a few times, but he already knows where it went; he's just looking for sympathy. :)
Today he asked once again, "Where's my green binky?"
"You threw it in the trash, remember?" I answered.
He turned his big sad eyes on me and said, "I miss it sometimes because I cry." (I'm pretty sure he got his clauses backwards--he's still experimenting with "because")

The other day we were driving somewhere, and Gehrig was busy "shooting" other cars with one of his guns. Then I heard the gun hit the side of Logan's carseat (missing Logan, thankfully) and Logan coo in response.
"Gehrig," I said, "Did you throw your gun at Logan?"
"Uh-huh," he answered happily.
"Don't do that, you could really hurt Logan."
"But he likes it, Mommy!"
And I'm pretty sure he was right.


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