Thursday, July 15, 2010

Will I really keep it up?

Well, the plan is to keep this blog updated with stuff going on in the boys lives. Gehrig is 27 months now and into so much stuff, I really should keep a record. Logan is six weeks and smiling occasionally, but that's pretty much it for now (besides being a stinker) so for a little while Gehrig will probably be the dominant character.

Having two kids is quite the adjustment (more so than I had expected), and it seems like Mike and I never get time for just the two of us. Yesterday I had the boys all ready for church, and Logan was strapped into his carseat in the living room when Mike and I happened to cross paths in the kitchen and paused for a hug. I heard Gehrig talking to Logan in the living room and thought I should probably check on them. Good thing I did. Gehrig had Logan's carseat flipped all the way back so Logan was completely upside down. He was messing with the straps on the bottom of the seat and saying, "I fix your seat for you, Logan." *sigh* I guess I probably shouldn't have let him see me adjusting the straps to fit our giant baby.

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