Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some randomness

Life has been pretty insane for the past seven weeks or so as I've been getting used to being a mother of two, but things finally seem to be settling down. Gehrig and I have both learned to be a little flexible with our routine, and Logan (who apparently takes after his daddy and is not a schedule person) is starting to get into somewhat of a routine. He no longer has to be held all the time or rocked to sleep--he's been doing pretty good at going to sleep in his bed. And he's been sleeping at least six hour stretches at night with only one feeding and then straight back to bed. I credit this to Babywise, of course!

They're also really easy to take out by myself too. Logan loves to sleep in his carrier or sling, and Gehrig is very obedient and holds my hand the whole time. I'm thankful for my good little boys!

Yesterday we had a pretty big storm here, and although Gehrig's never been scared of storms before, I was kinda worried the amazingly loud thunder might scare him this time. I didn't need to worry--as thunder shook the house, Gehrig was happily running around the living room, yelling, "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" He did get a little frightened when the power went out, but then he enjoyed just sitting on the couch with me and watching the rain through our wonderful picture window. He obviously inherited his mommy's patience, though, because he kept saying, "We'll NEVER watch TV, Mommy!"

And Logan, my stinker-turned-angel, slept through the whole thing.

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