Thursday, March 7, 2013

Enough with the mommy guilt

It seems like I'm constantly seeing blog posts, Facebook shares, and articles about how moms are ignoring their children and missing out on their childhood. In the majority of these posts, the iPhone is to blame. Or Facebook. So I read these posts about how my little boys will only be little for like a second and I'm a horrible mom for being on the computer/iPhone at all during that second, and I tear up and feel like the most horrible mom in the world. 
Then I started thinking....this isn't such a new thing. When I was a kid, there was a Patch the Pirate song, "Cherish the Moment." We weren't allowed to sing it because it made my mom sad (so of course my brother sang it whenever he wanted her to agree to something). And I'm sure before that, moms were made to feel guilty for watching their "stories" on that new-fangled television instead of giving all of their attention to their children. And before that it may have been the radio, or novels, or, ya' know, churning butter. Whatever, there's always been something to steal a mother's undivided attention from her children. And I'm sure every (good) mother has felt guilty about it.
I'm a stay at home mom, and you wouldn't believe how much time I spend with my children. I talk to them, I play with them, I help them, and I teach them. But I also need breaks from them--breaks when I can get on the computer and Facebook and have my only adult interaction of the day. And even when I am on Facebook, I'm usually "Queen Amidala" working on the computer while Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi protect me from Darth Vader. 
And another thing, just look at my Facebook page and you will see that my children are my life. Every status update, every picture, every link has something to do with them. I'm amazingly proud of them and want to share everything they do with my friends. What's the point of having the wittiest kids in the world if I can't tell anyone the awesome stuff they say?
So sure I'm on Facebook a lot, and sometimes I have to ask my kids to repeat something they said 'cause I wasn't paying attention the first time, but that doesn't make me a bad mom. That makes me a human mom. And I have enough mom guilt without others adding to it so consider your mom-guilt-inducing posts ignored by me from now on.

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