Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Beauty of Rules

This is pretty much a completely random post, but I'm thinking of it at the moment so I'm writing it. Although our oldest child is only four (five next month!), Mike and I have already talked a few times about where we would like our kids to go to college (and yes, they are going to college). We have somewhat differing views, and it won't really be our decision anyway. Plus we really don't know yet what each kid will need when they're ready to go to college. Mike tends to lean more towards less conservative colleges, while I would like the kids locked up tight with as many rules as possible. 
Thinking back to my college days in a school with ridiculously strict rules, I don't regret anything about going there (although before I started my freshman year, I would have chosen a few other places if it had been left up to me--thank goodness it wasn't!). When you're one of 4,000 other people living with the rules, you don't really think about what a restricted life it is--or at least I didn't. I chose to dwell on the other aspects--having my friends right down the hall whenever I wanted to hang out, going to classes I loved (and ones I hated), meeting new people, making my own decisions for the first time, but still being able to call Mom and Dad if I felt like the decision was too big or I was out of money. That's what I remember when I think of college.
And when I do take time to think of the rules, I see the beauty in them. When Mike and I first started hanging out, we couldn't even touch, let alone kiss for the first few months. But let me tell you, when he "accidentally" (but completely on purpose) brushed his arm against mine, my heart would drop into my stomach. And when we were finally able to kiss after months of dating, wow....the thought of that first kiss still takes my breath away. I would rather have that than memories of meaningless kisses with meaningless guys, or not near as meaningful a kiss with the most meaningful guy. 

You can choose to dwell on the negative side of strict rules, but I see the beauty in them. And I would not mind at all if my kids want to go to the strictest school there is.

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