Monday, December 27, 2010

Cute Diaper Covers

Mike gave me some money for Christmas to buy whatever I wanted. Of course I wanted a cute diaper cover or two, but I couldn't find any that justified my spending money on a new one. I rarely get to buy new diapers so I'm pretty picky when I do. I wanted to try a Weehugger since they look pretty cute, but no one had the print I wanted in stock. Thank goodness they didn't 'cause after two days of searching, I finally found Zookies diaper covers. They are the cutest diapers I've seen so far! I ordered a Baby Beluga cover and can't wait to get it!
I started thinking that maybe other mamas are having a hard time finding covers in cute prints so I thought I would compile all the websites that sell cute covers and list them here. I might even make a special tab for them. If you sell cute diaper covers, please let me know and I'll add your site! Here's all the ones I've found so far:


Cheeky Diapers--

Olive Jane's--




Fluffy's Diapers--


The Green Line Diaper--

Charis Designs--

Pumpkin Pants (cute fleece)--

Froggy Girl Designs--

Twinkle Toes Diapers--

Swaddle in Cloth--

Precious Bunz--

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